Aquatic Rescue for Hydrotherapy is recognised designed for physiotherapy students and the rehabilitation industry. This course shows students how to identify potential accidents and prevent them from occurring, while also developing the skills and knowledge needed to respond to emergencies without hesitation and to provide the appropriate emergency care.

This course is available on request. To make a booking contact us.

Standard Course Fee: $95 Course

Duration: 3 hour

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Location: The course is conducted in Geraldton and other locations in Western Australia.

Pre-requisites: Nil Entry

• Reasonable level (AQF level 3) of spoken and written English (link to LLN assessment)
• Adequate level of physical fitness to enable completion of practical components of course

Minimum Age Requirements: 16 years

Certification: Aquatic Rescue for Hydrotherapy and Resuscitation Award

Fee Includes: Instruction, pool entry and learning resources

What to bring: Swimwear is required Important note: Participants must have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to successfully complete the course.

Course content includes:

  • 25m swim using recognisable stroke(s)
  • Demonstrate effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Survival and Rescue Skills: Demonstrate a range of survival techniques and appropriate rescues for a range of different aquatic environments.
  • Spinal Injuries: Basic management of a suspected spinal injury in shallow water.
  • Rescue Initiative: Combine all of the skills and knowledge on rescues and utilise it to rescue 2 drowning casualties.
  • Theory on aquatic environments, water safety, rescue techniques, resuscitation, and basic injuries

Support services: A reasonable level of spoken and written English is required to complete this course. Reasonable adjustments can be made to certain aspects of the course without affecting the outcomes required. If you believe you require assistance with language, literacy of numeracy, please contact the office ahead of the scheduled course to determine what assistance may be available to you.