I have not completed my online training and my course starts soon, what do I do?

A:  You cannot attend the practical course without completing the online component first which provides you with the knowledge to attempt the practical assessment. Please contact Skills Up asap to discuss if it is necessary to reschedule your course.

I have completed both the online and practical assessment but have not received my official certificate?

A:  We submit all students forms within 48 hours of completion of the course and this can take up to 2 weeks to process.
If you have not received your certificate after this time please contact out RTO ,The Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia or phone on 93838200

Can Skills Up travel to and conduct training at my workplace?

A:  Yes. (Travel fees may apply outside of Geraldton city)

How do I cancel my lesson?

A: SMS or call 4 hours before the lesson start time on 0427699606

What happens if the weather forecast is for bad weather on my lesson day?

A: It is the responsibility of the participant/parent/carer to make a decision on inclement weather and need to SMS or call 4 hours before the lesson start time to cancel. However, if lightening is forecast then the lesson must be cancelled

How long are the swimming lessons?

A: 40 minutes

What age groups do you teach?

A: 6 months to 99 years

I have two or more children. Can they have lessons at the same time?

A: Lessons are aimed to suit your needs so yes this is possible. However, if one child is a non-swimmer, they must have one on one teaching for safety. Sometimes it works better to divide the lesson time slot between children and divide the time – so a 40min lesson divided into 2 x 20min.

My friend’s children would like to join in. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Lessons can be booked for up to 4 people and the costs can be shared.

Does my child need goggles?

A: They are not essential, but children find they provide more confidence in the waterand add protection to their eyes. There will be activities that goggles will be removed

Can I watch the lessons?

A: This is your choice. Some parent’s do and others make use of the time to do other duties in the house or garden. Some find that their child concentrates better when they are / or are not watching. Discuss this with your teacher if you are not sure. Remember though an adult must be on the premises whilst the lesson is being conducted.