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Skills Up Training are your Geraldton Aquatic Course provider. We provide a range of aquatic training programs. These courses are up to date, easy to follow and are applicable for all participants who have never attended an Aquatic course and wish to upskill, as well as those needing to renew their qualifications.

Skills up provide several Aquatic courses for people with different personal and professional needs.

Australians have always had a love of water and here in Geraldton we have access to all different water environments such as beaches, rivers and pools.

The Bronze Medallion course is a great way to learn about the different environments their conditions and hazards. Also covering how to rescue people safely and provide basic first aid
including resuscitation. A reasonable level of fitness is required.

The Grey Medallion course was developed this year and Skills Up held the first course here in Geraldton in May. This course is for people aged 55 years and older. Between July 1st, 2005 to June 30th, 2015 55 older adults drowned. Top 3 regions were Midwest, Kimberley and then the Goldfields. The course has a combination of Life Saving skills, Water environment knowledge, exercise and resuscitation activities.

A great deal of Hotels and Caravan parks though-out Western Australia have a swimming pool available to their patrons and with any water body comes inherent risk. The Aquatic Rescue for Group 3 pools course provides staff the necessary skills to perform Aquatic Rescues and apply basic first aid including resuscitation.

Skills Up are a Geraldton Aquatic Training provider based in Western Australia’s Mid-West. We offer flexible training programs as required by all our clients and can travel to you in remote locations through-out Western Australia. We offer Aquatic training courses on weekends in Geraldton to suit the diverse needs of our clients in our busy modern age. This allows people to have the opportunity to develop a valued life skill.

*Statistics sourced from Australian Government websites.